Certificate Course in Pharmacovigilance

A step-by-step guide on Pharmacovigilance Practices

  • Total Hours: 250 hrs; 75-hours of learning content plus 150 hours of Assessments and practicals
  • Learn from industry experts with 15+ years of core domain knowledge.

Course Description

Pharmacovigilance has grown significantly in recent years and its importance in the healthcare system has been recognized worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pharmacovigilance is also known as “drug safety” is the science and activity relating to the detection, assessment, and prevention of adverse effects. The aim and scope of pharmacovigilance are broad and include multiple components such as medication errors, counterfeit and unauthorized medicines, lack of efficacy, drug-to-drug interactions, and rational prescription of medicines. To prevent or lower the patient hazards, improvements in public health and precise evaluation and monitoring of drug safety are crucial. To achieve this goal, efficient pharmacovigilance and ADR reporting system should be established in all countries.

This Certificate Course in Pharmacovigilance from Clinosol Research Pvt. Ltd. has been designed in a way to provide the student with the insights required to start a career in the Pharmacovigilance domain. By the end of the course, you will have insights on the complete understanding of different areas involved in good pharmacovigilance practices to start a career as a Drug Safety Associate in the industry.

Upon completion of this course, you will have an understanding of:

    • What is the purpose and scope of Pharmacovigilance
    • The factors to be considered in the processing a case.
    • What are the key processes involved in pharmacovigilance
    • Considerations for reporting
    • What is detection, assessment, recording and reporting?


  • Step-by-step flow of pharmacovigilance Processes

Case Processing

  • Types of Cases and Reporting Timelines
  • Signal Management
  • Causality Assessment
  • Guidelines for Good Pharmacovigilance Practices
  • Graduates and postgraduates from pharmacy such as B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy, & Pharm. D.

Other Course Options: Clinical Data Management/Regulatory Affairs/Clinical SAS

On successfully completing all the learning modules, you will be awarded the,
Pharmacovigilance/Clinical Research& Pharmacovigilance/Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management & Pharmacovigilance’ certification.

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