Advanced Certificate Course in Clincial Research

Clinical Research is a branch of healthcare science that has started way back and now emerging as the core pharma field that is providing abundant career opportunities through in-house pharma companies as well as through outsourced projects. Clinical research involves the very basic steps right from the drug development until the regulatory submission processes and the ethical principles driving the whole conduct of the trials on the human population. It also deals with the documentation that is required for a smooth flow of the clinical trials as well as monitoring and closeout of the trials.

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Course Details

Course Validity: 1 Year

Course Fee: 30,000 INR + GST (SAS Alone)

Other Course Options: Combine with Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management (For Basic Knowledge and CDISC – SDTM for Mapping.

Who Can Learn?

Graduates and Post-Graduates (Pharmacy)

Life Sciences from B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy, MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, Pharm. D, B. Sc. and M. Sc

Everyone with Computer Sciences and applications from Statistics background

What You'll Learn?

At the end of this course ability to integrate the theory and practice of computing.


  • Insight about SAS as a language
  • Describe the rules for the definition of SAS names
  • Define the different datatypes, datasets in SAS
  • Explain the significance of Data/Procedural step
  • Run SAS programs

Use Cases of SAS implementation

  • Installing SAS University Edition
  • Explore SAS GUI, SAS window and its contents
  • Rules for definition of a SAS name
  • Different Datatypes in SAS
  • Use of Formats and Informats in SAS
  • Illustration of SAS Datasets
  • The Data step and procedural step
  • Creating an Instream SAS Dataset
  • Basic Procedural statements
  • Input Buffer and Program Data Vector (PDV)

Navigating the SAS windows environment

  • Nuts and bolts of SAS programming steps
  • Converting data as per required format
  • Creating a dataset using CARDS
  • The output using PROC PRINT


  • Processing and integrating the Data Step
  • Customizing Datasets
  • Advanced SAS Procedures
  • Advanced Statistical Proficiency with SAS
  • Working with ODS
  • Working with Procedures
  • Using SAS Macros